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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  June 8, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the most important. >> with powerful collapsed on the car, that is exactly what gary did. >> i did not understand how much was in danger until the first police officers say " get out of their ". >> some stepping over high- voltage wires to get to the woman but the danger did not end there. >> the electrical pole totally collapse, flames everywhere. >> a downhill domino effect that sparked a grass fire within minutes of the accident flames, fuelled by dry grass in eucalyptus trees and gusty winds, were racing up a hillside, forcing evacuations. >> my mother was in the house, so, they did get my mother out. we just hope that our home is safe. >> the homes, all of them, would be safe. a nearby deli and to streets for natural boundary, the fire was out for could spread beyond 2 a.. authorities credit citizens with saving the woman and alerting authorities about a fire that could have been much worse.
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>> a very heroic action by citizen. >> firefighters will be working that hillside all night and overnight to make sure any hot spots are out. again, 580 near the keller eggs it will be shut down for up to an hour tonight. at 9:00, so that pgd can get these electrical lines going back across the highway. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> developing is out of hayward, workers at a lithium battery plan to evacuate from the building this afternoon because of a chemical fire inside one of the laboratories. a hazardous materials cricket team was called to tackle the fire just after 3:00 p.m., it has since been put out. >> well, this is not the way to lay low when you are driving a stolen truck with a scooter attached. showering pursuing police cruisers with sparks will get you on tv and that is exactly how the owner tracked his truck our last night after his friends
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all the scene on cbs 5. the but the recovery created almost as many problems as it's called for one disabled veteran. >> that is right, a good news/bad news thing for al newman. good news, the chp recovered his truck but bad news coming earlier for friends that said they saw the recovery on tv and it did not look good for the truck. >> need to turn around and put it right in front of the fire. >> a rough week for al newman, on monday his pickup truck was stolen from his home along with what he calls a handicap scooter still on the back. last night the truck in this matter should up on cbs 5. >> sparks flew from steel rims as the driver tried to outrun police and sheriff's cars, spike strip to destroy the tires, friends call as to the highway patrol. he went to the web site. >> it was a big shock, it was a
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shock when i brought the website up and found the headline, i played it 10 times, just thinking that i have the fast as handicaps' leader in the world. >> the driver of a stolen pickup was arrested. christopher andrews from castro valley. the police chase the pick up, before ending up in unincorporated alamo. but the recovery of the trucks and scooter does not end his problems. >> just to get it out of hock for being towed from last night, $330. >> all of these marks are from the flat tire beating up on the fender. >> that is not all, without collision insurance you will have to decide whether it is worth fixing the pick up in this matter is out of commission also. with diabetes and congestive heart failure and kidney disease and two legs in braces, he says he needs the scooter and to stifle that at least is covered by insurance. in fact, since vietnam he is thankful for just about everything in life.
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>> is a miracle that i made it 65 years. i'm trying for a few more. >> he does have another vehicle but he says he depends on that little scooter to get around. and apparently he gets around profess. >> caltrans director is demanding a retraction from the sacramento bee over a story that was published that worried many a bridge drivers. it focused on the concrete footings that support the new main tower. the story cited caltrans for failing to follow on concrete that, according to the report, had not harden properly. but caltrans says the reporter's work is contradicted by the records that they gave to him. >> fundamental point number one, the article is simply wrong. this is not a great issue. the article is wrong. and that bridge is safe, the foundation is solid, the amount of testing exceeds what we would normally do on any project.
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>> the sacramento bee is expected to issue a response to the director's request any minute now. >> police are trying to piece together what led to a young man being shot and killed at a karaoke bar in san jose. the shooting took place just after 2:30 a.m. at the bar on center road. the 25 year-old victim died before he could be taken to the hospital. police have not release his name and are trying to figure out what led to his death >> it could have been gang- related but we do not know at this point. it is one of those situations where it is a cautionary tale to mix alcohol and firearms and when people get into an altercation it is not a good situation. >> this is their 18th homicide of the year in san jose. >> court documents are one of the men accused of beating brian stowe confessed to that attack. transcripts show that one suspects will be other " i hit him, jumped in, and started beating him ". now david lopez says that the
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judge has ordered both men to stand trial. >> both defendants be held to answer to the los angeles superior court on the date of june 22nd. >> with that, the judge ordered luis sanchez and marvin norwood to stand trial for the brutal beating of a giants fan brian stowe at dodger stadium more than one year ago. >> believe the identification issues are serious. >> one witness positively identified the pair as the men that she saw beating brian stowe. the other witnesses described them and the judge addressed the identification issue in his ruling. >> to reiterate the fact of things that happen and could state that the shorter one did such and such and the taller one is engaged in misconduct. >> the prosecution also introduced cellphone photographs that show norwood, sanchez, the fiancee of norwood, the sister of luis sanchez and his young
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boy, all at the dodger game that day. and then the jail house audio recordings played in court yesterday, derek for quality, but today the court released the transcripts, sanchez, nor would in custody, talking to each other not knowing they're being recorded. >> at the end of the 12 minute conversation nor would al sanchez that police have information that sanchez, as he was kicking brian stowe was also cursing him to which sanchez replies on tape " i don't remember doing that ". if convicted he could get nine
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years as a maximum and sanchez 11 years. from downtown los angeles, cbs 5. >> checking bay area headlines, a scary moment for a man getting on board of a streetcar in san francisco this morning. a passenger tried to get on as it was still moving. and he was trapped underneath. he managed to avoid being dragged completely below an escaped with cuts kill his leg shot and killed by a substance is a police officer has hired an attorney. the 15 year-old was shot after an altercation with an officer by and arco gas station a few days ago. his family hired john burress to investigate whether the police used excessive force. and seven people arrested during the occupy the farm protest on may 14th will not be facing any charges. the seven were squatting on land owned by the university of california in albany. two other protesters arrested on suspicion of trespassing could still be charged.
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>> teenagers throw a party at a bay area mansion, poughkeepsie piece of art is now missing. they told us to get bottled water and improvise. >> water everywhere but not a drop to drink. a day area tourist spot drenched in frustration. >> their less fortunate people in nicaragua. >> a crushing loss, how these bay area,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a high-school party, a stolen picasso, and an imprisoned former prime minister, it sounds like a movie but kinkel garn reports that they are all elements of a crime unfolding in the north bay. >> gates could not keep more than 100 teenagers from throwing a massive party and could not
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keep the valuables in house, inside. >> people's property is people's property, it is unacceptable. >> as for the big-ticket item taken, neighbors are not blinking an eye. >> i not surprised. >> there is a lot of wealth around here. >> to leave the house empty? summer is going to take that. >> a police officer shot up to the house and the teams ran away and was not until after the party that the property manager noticed a few things were missing. >> initially he believed there was some computers missing from the residence and then he realized that there was other property missing and he sent us a letter stating that there was other property, including the picasso lithographs. >> worth $30,000. but art work that expensive is not surprising for the size of the house, here are shots captured by the cbs 5 chopper. the house sits on 20,000 square feet with nine bedrooms, police say that it all ransacked, it was owned by the former
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ukrainian prime minister. he sits behind bars for embezzling state money, and is expected to be released this november and could come home one last picasso to his name. >> pin don't have taken description as far as size or maim, or what it looks like, we are researching that. >> as soon as it goes on to the market will know who has it. it is a crazy thing to take. >> as for the teams in all, police say the first pup is to figure out the artwork and the officers hope it will give them leads as to who is responsible. back to you guys. >> it is crazy to steal a picasso. >> exactly, like the last i said, is to try to sell it, it is going to pop up so people are going to see it. >> a big red flag. thank you. >> new at 6 o'clock, a drug rehabilitation counselor from santa cruz county expected a selling heroin out of your own home. investigators say they found
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nearly 7 g of heroin at her house wednesday, along with packaging materials and cash. the 33 year-old kristen dmv's book into the county jail on suspicion of possession with intent to sell. >> he has lost his bid to clear his name. a state appeals court unanimously upheld beat involuntary manslaughter conviction of your johannes mehserle. he argued there was not enough evidence to support it. he shot oscar grant during a confrontation at the fruit mail bart station three years ago. he maintains that he meant to use his taser to subdue him, and grabbed his gun by mistake. a thief put the brakes on one cancer survivors bid to peddle across the united states from san fransisco to york. he is a double amputee who lost his legs from cancer in 1991. and here you can see the
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wheelchair that he set off in today. that is because thieves stole his unique three wheeler from the apartment where he was staying. >> he wants to show them that we are people, we can do everything. >> he made the trip to san fransisco from poland where he lives and is hoping that a pang of conscience will prompt someone to return his bicycle. >> water everywhere but not a drop to drink or shower with. that was the scene four hours around one of san francisco's top tourist destinations. ann mackovic shows us that pick up the day off to a bad start for a lot of visitors and vendors alike. >> there was water at the corner of mason and beach but not in the right place. >> i cannot take a shower. there was no water. >> hundreds of tourists woke up
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to try faucets. >> i went to shower and thought i was asleep because the water did not turn on. >> they told us to get bottled water and improvise. >> around 5:30 a.m. a 6 in. water main broke underground. the plight of over 100 years old and faltered under wear and tear. >> is the street takes a pounding it can accelerate the degradation of the pipeline. >> i hate when unforeseen things happen. >> he only had the water left in his place to run his yogurt shop until this was fixed. >> if i can have a little bit of what is in there, and get maybe 2 gal. out of it, then i can keep up my hot tray and make hot toppings. >> everyone is being understanding. >> not everyone, this one's reaction? >> you want me to say that on camera? i cannot. >> we were the first to tell the staff that the water would not be restored until the afternoon. >> what is your reaction to
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that? >> it is frightening. >> and improvisation is key. >> what would you do? >> wipes. >> that was her solution, the hotel was trying to hook up some of their guests at other local hotel so that they could at least take a shower. in san fransisco, cbs 5. >> a lot of people would be taking a dip this weekend. >> about but to 100 athletes will be taking a dip into the 54 degree bay waters. but no water will fall from the sky as we are entering a warming trend. live cbs 5 whether carry looking out at ocean beach where the wind is howling right now. on shore at 30 mi. per hour. gusting up to 31 m.p.h. at 56 degrees. clear skies tonight, the coast is clear. sunny and warmer on saturday. with an offshore flow kicking in this weekend. right now other notable numbers.
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71 degrees in santa rosa and mid-60's in mountain view all the way through south san francisco. 65 degrees in fremont and union city. the cbs 5 when the camera looking live towards the tri valley where the wind is currently up to 70 mi. per hour, to the south of san jose, 22. sfo has wind gusts at 51 mi. per hour. 21 in san fransisco, why the very gusty winds? that right there. the uc this viral activity? the center of an area of low pressure, and upper level area of low pressure, a cold front dining against the ridge of high pressure causing a gradients, we will begin to ease back but not until tomorrow night. until then, '40's and '50's across the board. santa rosa and in mill valley. low fifties in mountain view otherwise low 40's in pacifica. tomorrow's daytime highs much warmer than today. 50's and '60's at the beaches. northwest wind between 10 and 20
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during the afternoon hours. 10 degrees warmer to the south of santa clara. 83 degrees in morgan hill. 85 in gilroy. same story in brentwood in tracy and oakley. you get a flavor here, that it is the beginning of the warming trend. 85 in sonoma. but wait, it gets warmer on sunday. some tristans 64 degrees. and we will speak with this heat wave on monday only to bring down the temperatures ever so gently on tuesday. a little bit more seasonal conditions by this time next week and that is your pinpoint forecasts. >> thank you so much. a bay area school district has come up with a unique way to deal with overcrowding. the solution? build an outdoor classroom. don ford tells us that the students are actually helping design the project. >> like many schools in the bay area, bellaire elementary school in orange county needed more space for classrooms and like everywhere else, there was no
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money. but they did have an old school garden and the kids have an idea. >> the kids knew that there was a space that was out there and was not being used very well. and so, when the kids were asked what they could do, they said they could learn outside. >> the entire fifth grade was asked to submit design ideas for the outdoor classroom and over 100 kids responded. >> can you believe that it is happening? >> some one of the classroom to have a pool table and others, a fish pond, or a fountain. two professional parents at the school are donating construction and slightly revised professional drawings. the fountain may get to stay. this teacher says that it is the community that is making it happen. >> it is nice to see how it blossomed from an idea into reality. >> construction for the new outdoor classroom will be started this summer and finish before school next fall.
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>> it is wrong to be fun. >> no water slide? >> unfortunately know we will not have a water slide. >> i'm very fortunate to be able to come to this class next year. >> really? >> gridley. >> the kids are not born to be that excited about coming back to school next fall. but they are going to be very excited about their new digs. don ford, cbs 5. >> after a tragedy took the life of a santa clara university professor, his students are professor, hislook at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >> his life was cut tragically short but a south bay college professor's dream is living on
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through his students. lisa washington is here with what is fueling their drive to continue his alternative energy research. >> for a small group of santa clara university engineering students, getting an award from the father of one of their professors is bittersweet. >> i want them to have something because it has inspired a lot people. >> he congratulates the students for their research work to create a regenerative fuel cell that will store renewable energy four villages in nicaragua. before students visited nicaragua last summer with their social professor dave strickland. >> it was an interesting experience, we were able to see how many ... how less fortunate people are in nicaragua. >> months after returning he was killed in a car crash. a tragedy for the professors family and his students who lost more than a teacher. >> he not only was a good professor and a good mentor but a good friend. pitt he was the perfect
6:25 pm
emulation that you can see in a professor. >> students vowed to continue their research and fill their professors dream, even receiving a $90,000 grant from the epa. his father thanked the students for remembering his son, professionally and personally. >> when there is tragedy, you have a choice, you can either lay down or you can pick up and go, and for these young people to pick up the mantle and do it so very well, i'm so pleased with that. i know daniel is pleased with it. >> so what does it take for david to beat goliath? meet the self-proclaimed little guys who took on big corporations, they show us what it takes to win. >> it is all being held hostage now. >> 1 bay area city says they're losing out on millions of dollars. why a prime piece of real estate is caught in legal limbo?
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>> drinking use of los angeles,
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brush fire had shut down interstate 5 in both directions because stake. that is in northern los angeles county, a fire broke out around 1:00 this afternoon and is now up to 150 a., in pretty remote areas on those structures being threatened. interstate 5 close in both directions. >> from bad airline seats to slow smart phones, customers were frustrated with how large companies are treating them are fighting back. and more often than not, they're winning. julie watts shows us how. >> julie and john were counting on being next to each other on a cross-country flight. >> she had reason medical issues and wanted to sit with my wife to make sure everything was ok. >> when the couple checked in the night before their flight on virgin america they learned that they had been separated. >> he was in the back of the airplane and i was four rows back in the middle seat and we were not next to each other anymore. >> so they struck back and sued virgin america for $4,300, the
6:30 pm
cost of the seats had to buy at the last minute so that they could be together. they understand that no one to see is guaranteed but they believe that they were lied to, claiming there was a medical emergency that forced the sea change. people sitting in their seats and was not. >> it was a last resort. >> they're not the only unhappy customers saying " see you in court ". this man sued at&t for slowing down the data servers on his iphone, even though he has an unlimited data plan. >> i kept calling and complaining and i talk to their executives support team, and the lady was very sarcastic. >> at&t says that he was a data hog. >> 5 megabits per second. >> he said that suing him cost him $60 and a lot of legwork to gather evidence to make his case. >> i came to court with three of these. >> he has since posted his documents on a website to show others out is done. this professor from the
6:31 pm
university services a law schools says that it is all about presenting a good case. >> the case is very fact specific. it is easy to say something but look for any documents that you have i can help the judge take your word for it. >> when they finally got their day in court against virgin america, they were ready. but the airline was not. no one from the company showed up at the hearing which lasted only 10 minutes. >> it is always better when the other side is not there because they don't have their story to tell. >> one week later they got the verdict. a $4,300 judgments against virgin america plus their court costs. >> but more importantly, they say that they sent a message to the airline, hoping it will take other passengers problems more seriously in the future. >> i wanted to say that it was not right. >> per jet america says that they were misinformed about why their seat assignment change in the absence appeal the ruling. there's not much data on how
6:32 pm
many of these david vs. goliath lawsuits are filed every year but as more and more of the court system was on-line, consumers say it is becoming increasingly easier to take on big companies. julie watts, cbs 5. >> stocks rose for the fourth day in a row today, the dow added more than nine points after the fed said that businesses are restocking shelves faster than analysts had expected. the nasdaq and some 500 both rose nearly 1%, and this perhaps the best week and wall street in 2012. >> a president when after republicans for failing to move on his jobs plan, but when they heard his news conference, republicans were angry about something else entirely. tara tells us what they think is his blind spot. >> the weak economy brought the president to the white house briefing room friday. he urged european leaders to take action on their debt crisis and called on congress to take action on the jobs plan that he
6:33 pm
sent to capitol hill last year. >> they left most of the jobs plan sitting there, and in light of the headwinds that we're facing right now, i urge them to reconsider. >> he says that there is already money set aside for projects that will get construction workers, teachers, police, and firefighters, back on the job. >> the private sector is doing fine but where we're seeing weakness is in the economy has to do with state and local government. >> republican white house hopeful mitt romney wasted no time answering the president's assessment of the economy. >> he said that the private sector is doing fine? is he really that out of touch? >> the president later clarified his remarks. >> let me be as clear as i can be, the economy needs to be strengthened, that is why i had a press conference. i believe that there are a lot of americans who are hurting right now. >> republicans on capitol hill say it is the president who is
6:34 pm
refusing to work with them. >> is because of a failed stimulus policies and other items in his agenda. >> republican leaders say that the house will vote next month to extend the bush era tax cuts. president obama wants to see the cuts expire for people making more than $250,000. >> sunnyvale officials say that a prime piece of real estate is being held hostage, costing the city millions of dollars. a brand new shopping and hotel complex, the sunnyvale town center, was supposed to be finished by now but the work stopped years ago. here is more on why the property is caught in legal limbo. >> at the sunnyvale town center there's not a lot of construction going on, only finger-pointing and the city has tough talk for a local developer to drop a lawsuit. >> those are strong words. but, it is lead, follow, or get
6:35 pm
out of the way. >> just before the recession it look like this might actually finished but then the economy tanks, the owners defaulted on the multiple million dollar loan and wells fargo for closed. he says that his company still owns 5% of its and that the bank's foreclosure was shady. so they sued. >> the lawsuit is over the propriety of the foreclosure action. we feel that it was not done correctly. >> big-name companies are gobbling up office space within the 36 a. of prime silicon valley real-estate of the city says that this lawsuit has scared away investors, preventing $2 million in tax revenue per year. >> we are lacking and iconic downtown, a thriving hubs for the city that we could have had years ago. but it is all just being held hostage right now. >> wells fargo did not respond to calls for emails but told the wall street journal that the litigation impacts the marketability of the title which limits their ability to sell the
6:36 pm
projects to a developer. the city will move it forward in a way that benefits all parties involved. they have offered to buy the property at a premium accuses wells fargo of stalling to cash in on a rising market. >> the bank is simply deciding that they need to give the appearance that it is our fault for preventing them from selling, unfortunately they have the city doing a lot of their barking for them right now. >> they are standing firm in taking wells fargo to court and there's not a whole lot of the city can do about it except try and imply very public pressure. >> a footwear frenzy in the bay area. the shoes are not even on sale yet. the staggering price tag already on e-bay. >> i want to do bigger things, exciting things. >> he might call it exciting and you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> sneaker in suzy is lined up
6:39 pm
outside those stores nationwide like it was black friday. waiting for a pair of the latest and greatest new nike shoes, they go on sale tomorrow, a limited edition sneaker designed by rap star kanye west. >> i camped out all week waiting for this release. definitely not. i would never do this again. >> shoes retail for about $250 but on wednesday a pre ordered pair sold for more than $90,000 on e-bay. that is why they're hanging out. the plan to release between three and 5000 pairs. >> this will really disappoint you, to boston brothers' famous for fixing a car problems over the radio are calling it quits. the car talk guys, tom and ray have been hosting a show for 25
6:40 pm
years on national public radio. today they announced that it will stop making new episodes this fall. tom is 74 and rate is 63 but fans of the show don't panic because car talk will live on in reruns. and you know, you only have so many car problems. i'm a little disappointed, i love them. >> most people call them crazy but he says it is exciting, crossing over niagara falls on a tight rope? who is this guy? the daredevil honoring his high wire stunt. >> let's hope there's no wind there because we have had gusty winds all day today. visibility of limited, 62 degrees at half moon bay 82 in gilroy and right now, the day that will top off in the '90s with a pinpoint forecasts. >> the u.s. open will feature ♪
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>> >> how is this for a walk on the
6:44 pm
wild side? that is crazy. one week from today a man will try to cross a tight rope over the niagara falls. so what motivates such a risky walk on the wire? the stunt man comes from a long line of daredevil's. >> an ominous sight, raging water rumbling over niagara falls crest line, dropping 180 seats. imagine walking across the falls on a high wire. sound like a nightmare? >> i train yesterday with 52 mi. per hour winds. it has been a dream of mine for a long time and i am one of those that always tries to overachieve. i want to do more and bigger things, exciting things >> called exciting or crazy, he will cross niagara falls on the steel rope to inches in diameter.
6:45 pm
no bigger than a tennis ball. the walk more than 1,500 ft. long. 200 ft. above the falls. >> clearly you do not have a fear of heights? >> i respect heights, series debilitating, it makes it impossible. >> he had in your fall on his last walk across baltimore inner harbor. he was able to steady himself to two years of practice. he comes from seven generations of flying melendez, a name given to them for their antics over the decades. they have seen success in tragedies over the decade. in 1998 his great-grandfather attempted a walk between to hotel towers in pr and slipped and fell to his death. >> he is definitely my inspiration behind most of what i do, i do this for him out of respect. i absolutely think about him and i will think about him as i crossed over the falls. >> like his forbearers, he has always walk without a harness.
6:46 pm
but not this time. the sponsors require that he where one for the niagara falls walked. >> why don't you want to run on this? >> no, i think it is more about personal goals than anything. my personal goal is to do without a harness. >> both his father and uncle support that goal. >> i think people would find that hard to understand and you say that because he is not used to train with a harness? >> he has never won a harness and all those years. >> it is personal for meat in that i am the guy who designed this thing so that it will get over the wire. >> his practice on this day, without a harness, goes well. he said a prayer mid walk and says that he will be doing more of that crossing the false. >> i know that there are angels around me and a lot of people that will be watching that night that will be lifted me up in their prayers. >> jason carol reporting. lawmakers in new york passed legislation last year that gave him the green light to across
6:47 pm
niagara falls. they hope that it will increase tourism. >> i'm keeping my feet on the ground this weekend. >> and i think i'm crazy to do a triathlon, that made my stomach turn. all i need is a good draft right? ok, there you go, that is why you have a hornist. today we had very gusty winds up to 35 mi. per hour in the city of san francisco where today's high was 62, 72 in san jose, five degrees below average. this was seen in dublin looking at the valley were still had wind 17 or 80 m.p.h. at livermore, 66 degrees. san jose, 66 at this hour. pretty much in the '60s and '70s but the wind makes it feel cooler than it actually is. this was the scene in ocean beach tonight where official sundown is that a 30 p.m., the coast is clear but wind gusts, 51 m.p.h. wind gust, 22 in mountain view. if nafta at 31, obviously a very
6:48 pm
breezy evening it will take a while for these wind gusts to relax. insects not until the overnight hours. here is your morning and it looks like we have gusty winds along the immediate seashore up to 22 in pleasanton. during the day wind northwest between 10 and 20 m.p.h. but then the wind began to dial back during the evening hours. we're seeing gusty winds because of the upper level area of low pressure cutting up against the ridge of high pressure causing friction. it is a pressure gradient for the windy conditions but the big deal is the high pressure that is now building in. and for your getaway friday, and into the weekend, 84 degrees at the state capital, low 60s on the south and north shore where we do have a lake wind advisory in effect. a wind advisory all the way into the streets and the delta. low 60s in monterey bay approaching your 90 in fresno. tonight overnight, with a starry skies, temperatures into the '40's and 50's. 50 degrees overnight in fremont, and union city.
6:49 pm
compared to today, we have numbers going up words. upper 50's and low 60s at the beaches in fact low 60s all the way through montero beach into the seventies around the peninsula including burlingame and south san francisco. 70 degrees in los altos and then we wraparound toward the santa clara valley and start to see seasonal greetings. 83 degrees in morgan hill and gilroy. east a number stacking of between 82 degrees in dublin to the mid-80s in brentwood and tracy and oakley all into discovery bay and then start to have further north into venetia and vallejo and american canyon seeing numbers rise to the low '80s, upper seventies in mill valley 82 degrees in petaluma. northwest breeze thaw between 10 and 20 ushering in the polling concentration upwards. a little bit of relief from koula temperatures but now with more air masses in place, pauling goes up with the temperatures. there you have your sunday spanning 64 to 92, this heat wave will peak on monday before gradually sliding backwards towards koula temperatures by
6:50 pm
this time next week. the 32nd annual escape from alcatraz, it takes place this sunday with triathletes hitting the water 7:00 a.m. water temperature 54 air temperature 65 going up to a high in the upper seventies for that triathlon. please keep that in,,
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
>> and now i hear the news pet is not running. >> it is a tough circuit for these forces. man who will ever know if this horse that was named after his owner's love for a cookie would win the triple crown. he has said he has had enough, he will not run in the belmont tomorrow he retired with a slowing tendon, he was attempting to become the first triple crown winner since affirmed in 1978. the french open semifinals, roger federer talking on novak djokovic. on the run in the forecourt, he races to the net for the return, and then the sprint back and goes between the legs only
6:54 pm
to set up federal for the easy winner. one of the few bright spots for the 16th time grand slam winner. he rallied back to win the second set and finished off roger federal in the third set and advances to the finals rafael nadal will be going for his record seventh title. lebron james did not score a single point over the final seven minutes but did more in the first three quarters to silence all of his critics to say that he is not clutch. >> no one likes having declared thrown on your face before your not even dead. >> the heat are alive and well after his spectacular game six, 30 points missing only two shots in the first half. lebron james finished the night with 45 as the people out the celtics to force a game 7 tomorrow night in miami. >> i know now that you guys can stop talking about lebraun james, that he did not play in games, he was pretty good tonight.
6:55 pm
now that is to bed. i can go ahead and play games seven. >> in the postseason i have been doing a lot of reading and watching movies and things like that but i do not hear any outside noise about what is said about me or the team. >> his performance was a sight to see last night, he joined wilt chamberlain as the only players to have 45 points, 15 rebounds, and five assists in a playoff game. roy mcelroy one of the few big names playing in this week's st. jude classic after missing three state cuts, he wanted to get his game back on track before the u.s. open. mission accomplished, he takes a lead heading into the weekend. calling the final round of the scene to classic, a special preview of the par-5, dennis o'donnell will be live at the olympic club. there has been plenty of talk all about the changes that have been made to the olympic club to get ready for the u.s. open. but dennis tells us that there
6:56 pm
is one thing that will remain the same. >> >> 156 golfers will vie for the u.s. open trophy next weekend, every day hundreds of golfers will come away with another prize at olympic. >> what makes it unique is it is a hamburger on a hot dog bun. >> hot dogs bills hamburger stand. in the early 1950's, bill paris set up his mobile burger dog stand near lake merced. olympic club members would said their caddies over the lagoon for a quick snack because there was no food on the course at that time. >> the member suggested that maybe he could come over here, and pulled his car onto the olympic club property. the only condition was that he paint a trailer so that it look more presentable. >> he continues to carry out her father's mouthwatering legacy. >> they usually say, i've to try
6:57 pm
these cheeseburgers. they're not normally disappointed. >> if you had when you would never forget it. players from all over the world look forward to a bird dog almost as much as they look forward to seeing off on 18. >> we get calls from professional golfers all over the country. the plea before the talk about the golf course, they're also looking for that cheeseburger at the turn. >> hot dog bill was particular about how you're supposed to eat one of his signature burger dogs. >> someone wanted to put mustard on a hamburger, he would get upset. he always wanted people to eat it exactly the way that he liked it, he always felt that mustard went on a hot dog and catch up on a hamburger. >> the reason why they are hot dog buns because initially did not want to order to kinds of bonds. so you put everything on a hot dog bun. >> ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,
6:58 pm
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